The Concept

3Swift Devils Circuit Challenge is the first-of-its-kind sports entertainment-based Corporate Challenge that will showcase the extreme capabilities of Shining India’s Corporate Professionals on a national platform. Designed as a team-based competition, SDCC is designed to push not only the physical abilities but also test the mental prowess of not individuals, but rather teams as one cohesive & coordinated unit. In essence, SDCC entails a tough competition among teams with similar compositions, in terms of age & gender demographics, around a custom-designed racetrack littered with mentally challenging & physically demanding obstacles. And given the exciting, fast-paced & challenging format of the event, SDCC has been developed as a Television property showcasing the talents of Corporate India on National Television.



In its first season, Swift Devils Circuit Challenge played host to 2504 teams from the biggest & most reputed 80 corporate organizations across cities, vying for the title of the FITTEST Corporate Organization in the country. Through its unique setup & structure, DCSC presented the ideal platform to determine not only the most athletic team, but rather the smartest team to make efficient & effective use of their brain-power in conjunction with their muscle power. The entire event has been designed as a Transformational Change Agent for the participants to fortify their belief in their own individual capabilities – Mental, Physical as well as teaming abilities. Participants showcased & practically understand the significance of possessing skills such as Team-Coordination, Problem Assessment & Solving, Decision Making, Leadership – skills that are of vital importance in professionals across all domains.