Season II

Season II


Left to right – Bharath C, Reen Margaret and Sai Siddharth from team moments entertainment.


Left to right – Mamatha, Harish Menon, Diganta Chakraborty


Rules of Team Formation

Congratulations on your successful registration for Season 1 of Swift Devils Circuit Challenge – The Hunt for India’s FITTEST Corporate Organization. Through a one-of-a-kind competition format, Swift Devils Circuit Challenge will present a unique opportunity to participants to represent their organizations on the national scale in front of millions in television audiences.

While the excitement for this exciting contest within the participating teams is understandable, all teams must agree to the mentioned Terms & Conditions to secure their valued participation at Swift Devils Circuit Challenge.

  1. The teams shall be formed adhering to the specified & clearly articulated Team Formation Criteria as follows:
    • Rule 1: The team must have a mixed gender composition
    • Rule 2: The age total of all 3 participants must add upto a 100 (For the sake of clarification anyone born in 1975 shall be deemed to be 40 years old, irrespective of their month of birth in 2015)
    • Rule 3: The weight total of the 3 team members must add upto a minimum of 190 (if there are 2 women on the team) or 210 (if there are 2 men on the team)
  2. All nominated teams must comprise only of bonafide employees of the participating organization, who should have served a minimum of 6 months of full-time employment within their respective organization.
  3. Post the confirmation of Team Registrations from a participating organization, the participants / team will be required to share the Official & Authorized Logo of the participating organization. [The logo will be utilized at various avenues including Participant Jerseys, SDCC Marketing Collateral etc.]
  4. The participants will be provided customized SDCC branded tshirts for their run. The tshirts, so provided, will carry the logo of the represented organization All participants will be mandatorily required to wear these tshirts during their run.
  5. The SDCC event format will comprise of 2 rounds Qualification & Competition
    • Prelims [will be organized on the Saturday preceding the Regional Qualifier for each city]
    • Regional Qualifiers [As per the following schedule:
      1. Chennai – 8th may, 2016
      2. Bangalore – 15th May, 2016
      3. Hyderabad – 22nd May, 2016
      4. Mumbai – 5th June, 2016
      5. Delhi NCR – 12th June, 2016
  6. Post the confirmations of the Team Compositions during the Prelims stage, no team will be allowed to change / alter their team combination.
  7. All participants / teams are required to make themselves available for all Competition Rounds (Prelims, Regional Qualifiers) at the appointed time, failing which they will be disqualified from taking any further part within SDCC.
  8. Winners of Regional Qualifiers (1st & 2nd place finishers per city) & 2 Wildcard Qualifiers (the two closest 3rd place finishers across the 4 regional qualifiers) will vie for the title of India’s Fittest Corporate Organization & the Grand Prize at the National Finale.
  9. The finalists will be required to make themselves available for the National Finale to be hosted on 12 July in New Delhi. The teams shall be required to fly in on the 11th and stay on till the evening of the 13th of July.The SDCC Organizing team shall make the required Travel & Accommodation arrangements for the finalists from cities other than New Delhi. Any team/individual’s inability to attend shall result in the disqualification of the entire team.
  10. On the day of the prelims, preceding all Regional Qualifiers, all participants & teams will be required to present the following:
    • Any legitimate government ID Proof that lists the Date of Birth of the participant [Driving License, Passport etc.]
    • Valid employment proof that lists the Date of Joining with the organization [Bonafide Certificate from the HR, Employee ID card etc]
    • Letter of Authorization from the Company HR authorizing the nomination of the teams to participate at SDCC.
  11. Furthermore, all participants will be mandatorily required to sign the SDCC Participation Disclaimer form that will be shared subsequent to this agreement.
  12. The decision of the SDCC Judges as well as the Adjudication Team will be final & will not be subject to debate or discussion by any participant / team.
  13. The winning team will receive the grand prize in the form of a Maruti Suzuki Swift Car. Its important to mention here that the winning team will be liable to pay the Gift Tax on the car as required by the stipulated government norms.
  14. Given the fact that SDCC is being developed as a Television Entertainment property, all on-site activities in terms of participation will be shot on video by a Video Production Team. Therefore, the Video Production team, as per their discretion, shall interact with the participants, for capturing sound bytes or personal experiences, during the course of the entire competition – Prelims, Regional Qualifiers & National Finale.
  15. Additionally, certain participants / teams will be identified for Video Diaries or Back Stories for the TV Show production purposes. In this context, the participants / teams will be required to make themselves available for a brief video shoot, across the Monday/Tuesday following the event. The teams identified, must make themselves available for the shoot.
  16. The Back Stories shall be shot exclusively for the 2 Regional Winners from each city. To facilitate the production process here, the winning teams will be covered at their respective office locations – at their workstations, during a mock meeting, while interacting with their colleagues etc. This activity will be shot on the 2nd or 3rd day post the respective Regional Qualifier & will take about 6-8 hrs of video shooting time in one office with the 3 participating team members. All team members must make themselves available for this shoot.
  17. The Winning Team / Participants will be required to share personal pictures/videos as well that will be utilized during the production of their respective Back Story. All participating teams must have this ready for submission prior to the Regional Qualifiers.
  18. The Organiser reserves the right to change the date and /or location of the event with 72 hours prior notice at any stage of the event.
  19. Volano Entertainment Pvt Ltd holds the right to use any/all footage of the event for any marketing activity that they deem fit. The photographs/video footage generated from the event shall be the sole property of Volano Entertainment Pvt Ltd.

Regional Winners



From left to right – Sanjay Shil, Mohini Chaitanya & Jawed Iqbal from team GMR.

Runners Up(Hyderabad)

From left to right – Srinath Ananthula, Srinivasula reddy & Kanyakumari from Cybage Team 2.


From left to right – Harish Menon, Mamatha H S, & Diganta Chakraborty from team Cognizant.

Runners Up(Bengaluru)

From left to right – Priyanka Chandola, Dinkar Gupta & Anurag Chamoli from team IP Soft.


From left to right – Reen Margaret, Bharath C & Sai Siddarth from team Moment Entertainment.

Runners Up(Chennai)

From left to right – Rajarajan C, Abhishek Singh & Swetha Srinivasan from Amrutanjan.

Winners(Delhi NCR)

From left to right – Brinda Singh, David Von Platen & Varun Sharma from team Blackberrys

Runners Up(Delhi NCR)

From left to right – Sakshi Chadha, Ankit Mahajan & Amit Goel from Payback.


From left to right – Hiren Patel, Swati Agarwal & Pankaj Ahlawat from team Infosys.

Runners Up(Mumbai)

From left to right – AMOL Kakade, AJAY Dharamshi & Swapna Shetty from team Kalpatru.