Rules – Devils Circuit Corporate Challenge


All 3 team members, within every team from an organization, to be validated by the Company HR as bona-fide employees of the represented organization

  • Registrations from teams not compliant with the specified team formation criteria will not be accepted.
  • The teams will be allotted groups through a draw of lots.
  • The objective for every participant shall be to complete their run at the course, overcoming the physical obstacles as well as solving the mental challenge within the shortest possible time.
  • The performance score of a participant shall be determined in terms of the time the participant takes to complete the run. Therefore, the team score shall be a cumulative sum of the recorded times of the 3 team members.
  • In case, a participant is unable to successfully & legitimately overcome an obstacle or answers a mental challenge incorrectly, this will incur a penalty resulting in addition of a specific amount of time to his/her individual score.
  • Additionally, there will be a specified ‘Cut-Off’ Time for completion of the entire run. In case a participant fails to complete his/her run within this stipulated ‘Cut-Off’ time, he/she shall be disqualified.
  • The rules for this competition have been formulated by the organisers and can be amended at their sole discretion
  • The decision of the judges on the event day shall be final and binding