An exciting, one-of-a-kind team-based competition format to encourage effective contribution from all team members. In fact, all activities will be designed to ensure participation from each of the team members through their individual performances. Through their individual performances, the participants will accrue valuable points to ensure their team’s success & progress within the entire competition.


Given the team-based format, each participating organisation will be allowed to nominate a maximum of 3 teams per city. Additionally, organisations can nominate teams across multiple cities as well, depending on their presence across the host cities of New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad & Chennai. So, logically, greater the number of participating teams from an organisation, the higher is the probability of the organisation winning the competition! Plus, large organisations with their presence across regions stand to increase their chances of winning owing to a still higher number of potential teams across locations.


Starting with the Regional Qualifiers, where teams from 20 Corporate Organisations, at each location, will fight it out to emerge as the dominant forces within their respective regions. The Top 2 teams from each region will then earn Qualification Passes to the GRAND NATIONAL FINALE.


In the finale, a total of 12 teams from across India – 10 Regional Qualifiers [2 from each city] + 2 Wildcard Qualifiers [the closest 3rd & 4th place finishers from all the regional qualifiers] will vie for the title of INDIA’s FITTEST CORPORATE ORGANISATION!.


Team Composition

To ensure parity among competing teams, participating organizations will be directed to form teams by adhering to the certain wickedly challenging team formation parameters. After all, we want everyone from your firm to participate – Experienced Senior Executives; Young & Enthusiastic Freshers; Admin Staff; Sports Enthusiasts; Laid-back Decision Makers… that too across age & gender groups:


    • 3-member team
    • Each team should include at least 1 team member from both genders

      Possible team configurations:


      • 1 Female & 2 Males
      • 2 Females & 1 Male

Now that’s still the easy part. Here comes the twist – The teams will have to adhere to the following criteria to to be eligible for participation.

  • Cumulative Team Age Total > 90 years

Rules of Participation

  • All 3 team members, within every team from an organization, to be validated by the Company HR as Bonafide Employees of the represented organization
  • Registrations from teams not compliant with the specified team formation criteria will not be accepted.
  • Teams will be ‘released’ on the racetrack at different run times based on the schedule that will be formulated during Team Qualification.
  • The course, designed as part of the challenge, will have 3 separate zones for each of the 3 participants in a team. Each participant will be required to tackle the obstacles within their respective zones individually – The objective for every participant shall be to complete their respective zone of the course, overcoming the physical obstacles as well as solving the mental challenge within the shortest possible time.
  • The performance score of a participant shall be determined in terms of the time the participant takes to complete the run. Therefore, the team score shall be a cumulative sum of the recorded times of the 3 team members.
  • In case, a participant is unable to successfully & legitimately overcome an obstacle or answers a mental challenge incorrectly, this will incur a penalty resulting in addition of a specific amount of time to his/her individual score.
  • Additionally, there will be a specified ‘Cut-Off’ Time for completion of the entire run. In case a participant fails to complete his/her run within this stipulated ‘Cut-Off’ time, he/she shall be disqualified.

Team Registration

So, if you think your organization possesses the potent combination of brains & brawn, send in your registrations today! In order to register for this exciting once-in-a-lifetime challenge, interested organizations should Contact Us or fill in the details below.