About Us – Devils Circuit Corporate Challenge

About Us

Maruti Suzuki Devils Circuit Corporate Challenge is a property exclusively owned & managed by Volano Entertainment Pvt Ltd (VEPL). Volano is a premier sports management firm, based out of New Delhi, India; specializing in the conceptualization & development of innovative, exciting sports & entertainment-based properties.

With an overarching objective to ensure a supremely fit & healthy India, Volano aims to revolutionize the way sports & fitness activities are incorporated within the general lifestyle. Starting off as a Sports events management company that pioneered the book and play scheme for adults who wanted to bring sports back in their lives, Volano soon established a name for itself in the burgeoning Amateur sports market in India. In the long run, Volano aspires to become the premier institution in the domain of Health & Fitness Management in the country.

On the way, it established a supremely successful sports property through the first concept of an obstacle run in the country – Maruti Suzuki Devils Circuit. Obstacle Running is an exciting & thoroughly enriching running format that involves running across tough, obstacle courses hitherto used to train military personnel around the world. But today obstacle running has become a world popular sport for individuals to test their grit, determination, strength and stamina.

Starting with the first ever Obstacle Run in the country in December 2012, Maruti Suzuki Devils Circuit has hosted consecutively successful editions across multiple cities, establishing its stature among the most premium running events in the country. Across these multiple editions, more than 20000 people have participated at Maruti Suzuki Devils Circuit , with another cumulative spectator base of about 25000 individuals; in addition to an extensive reach-out to more than 10 million individuals through multi-pronged marketing campaigns, spanning Print Media, Radio, Cinema, Digital, Social Media etc., that precede each edition.

Through Devils Circuit, Volano aims to not only reach out to hardcore running or sports enthusaists, but also encourage regular individuals to challenge & push themselves through their participation at such a unique running event. Devils Circuit, in this context, is positioned as a run where participants push themselves beyond their perceived limits, share a sense of fellowship with other runners, meet new people and indulge in joyous celebrations post the run.

After the stupendous success of Devils Circuit, Volano Entertainment presents its latest offering in the fast growing genre of FIT-VENTURE (FITness + adVENTURE)-oriented lifestyle in the form of Maruti Suzuki Devils Circuit Corporate Challenge. In addition to Maruti Suzuki Devils Circuit & Maruti Suzuki Devils Circuit Corporate Challenge, Volano also manages one of the country’s leading corporate sports platform through its brand GameOn India.